Tuesday, May 11, 2010

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Whoa - goodbye April! Sorry to be gone for so long. Need to make sure things keep moving on here so I feel like I still have some "outside interests". Ha.

The one thing I am doing lots of is snapping these disposable cameras. So light! So Easy! Take with you anywhere! So says the back of the package. And it's true. A good way to keep in practice. Although I will have to find a way to make use of the canonet again somehow. Right now it is just too heavy with baby, baby bag, my bag, and whatever things I collect running errands. Maybe once we break out the stroller I can stash it underneath. Anyway - more photos over here if you are interested.

I intended to write more on the thoughts and feelings end of things, but it might have to wait until next post. Spare time is a very elusive thing these days!! But I will try to be back soon soon...