Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mental Dynamics

(...beautiful poster design by Raphaël to enlarge...)

So thrilled to be included in this exhibition at Synchronicity curated by Stephanie Davidson!

Keeping very good company too:

Michael Deforge
Nick Demarco
Jacob Broms Engblom
Raphaël Garnier
Jesjit Gill
Eilis McDonald
Jon Rafman
Y. Val Gesto

Show opens November 14th, at Synchronicity, 4306 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, California.

Check it out if you can! I wish I could...


Tuesday, October 27, 2009


At a loss for what to post today. Happens every once in awhile, strange because I have a lot of ideas but I just don't feel like digging into them. Season change maybe, throwing me for a loop.

Had a birthday recently, that was fun. Got the day off and everything. And lookit my new shoes! Hand painted! Lucky me.

What about a mini-links list? Things I am obsessing over the last few weeks. Sound good? Here goes:

...beyond love, brings tearstoeyes, this, this and this series in particular. Nigel Shafran photographer...
...Weird Friends! Can't get enough!...
...Woody Allen's Manhattan is on youtube in its entirety! Who knows for how long so catch it while you can. Meryl Streep as the lesbian ex-wife writing her tell-all is one of my favorite parts amongst many others...
...the real normal blog, good stuff here, curated by some very talented people... interpretations of "chair" (click through photostream to view all), thank you ChristianBrandt...
...the documentary In the Womb, not for all, but definitely for some (I thought it was fascinating)...

C-ya L8R


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Inside Chanel

I watched these videos last night thanks to my good bud Elizabeth over at her new blog persuasion. I thought they were so great I also wanted to stick them over here. It has five episodes, so make sure you find all the rest of them in the youtube slider. The only bummer is that the sound is off for the climax of the film, I think it is Epsiode 5, Part 2. But don't be discouraged! It is still worth it.

It is very (very) similar to the movie that I saw a few months back, Valentino: The Last Emperor, which I also really enjoyed. It is kind of a combination of things that makes these two films so fascinating - the glamour of high (haute!) fashion, the exhaustive day-to-day labor and camaraderie of the women making everything run smoothly behind the scenes, the unfathomable amount of money, care, time, energy and love that is put into the collections, the air of antiquity to the whole operation with the feeling that everything everyone works so hard for will soon be lost to globalization, corporate capitalism and the inevitable restructing of the meaning and practice of work as the new technological generation evolves.

My favorite scenes were in Epsisode 3, "Rituals". I love the braid-maker!! She really is unbelievable.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Weak Moment

I try not to post much "hey go buy this" stuff but while working at the Art Book Fair, a girl approached the table with this amazing necklace. It was kind of thick and ropey, leathery and chainy with some hot orange embroidery on white. Wow! I asked her where she got it and she said she made them herself and gave me a little catalog. Her business is called Lizzie Fortunato Jewels. Makes my fingers itch for some make and do jewellery sessions...maybe I could get another Arts degree?? Textiles slash jewellery slash ceramics?? How else will I ever get the chance to try all these different mediums I find so inspiring?? Man.


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New Photos

Got some film from the summer finally developed! I have a few more over here. I took around six or seven rolls with what turned out to be expired 800 speed film, so some of them were pretty funky. But a few turned out okay and interesting so that is a relief.

I also decided to start using disposables again, I had taken a break using them over the summer because I guess I figured with the Canonet I didn't need them anymore. But I found that I really missed them, they are so light and easy, I can just pull one out of my bag and snap without having to fuss with the focusing and flash. Plus the Canonet is so heavy I could only really carry it around on the weekends - during the week it would kill my shoulder to tote it to work and back. I still love the Canonet though, don't get me wrong. It still might take my nicest photos, so I won't be shelving it anytime soon. I just think that the disposables will make sure I am not falling out of practice.


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Middle of the Road and the NY Art Book Fair

( over here to see larger and for a list of contributers...)

Happy to have contributed a little photo to this Miniature Garden poster project curated by Denise Schatz and Robin Cameron. It is now available at Printed Matter and the Mastermind Shop.

I also heard a rumor that Robin and Denise will have a few on hand at the NY Art Book Fair that is happening this weekend starting tomorrow at PS1. I will be there for a bit Sunday early afternoon manning the Princeton Architectural Press table. Fun times! Maybe I will see you there! That would be nice.