Wednesday, January 19, 2011


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Uh hello? Anybody out there? Ugh. Sorry to be so...not really here at all. Having a majorly tough time keeping up with anything not you-know-what related. Oh well - maybe it will get better later? Looked up time management the other day and it suggested I make lists, which I already do in a very OCD manner so no go there...

So speaking of lists here is one to keep 2011 on track:

1. make photo prints: exhibition size!
2. fabric printed with ipod drawings
3. shop? might make this finally happen this year...
4. reset flickrs and photo portfolio tumblr to zero - is that crazy? I can't tell. I just really feel like I need to make some sort of break and start fresh.
5. new header and links purge of this blog, very long overdue!
6. make posts on this blog more quick and dirty - is this possible? I always have a lot to show and tell...maybe I just need to loosen up.
7. bored yet?
8. this post is starting to feel a lot like my last post...

Okay - so anyway - I had better wrap this up before it gets even more of a snooze. Will try to get things done this year! Must keep moving forward!

Happy 2011 friends.