Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Odd Shop: Sleepy But Still Alive

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Okay - so I am still here (kind of) and The Odd Shop is still here (most definitely). We are both just slow, lazy and sleepy. I am hoping that the cooler weather (if it ever comes) will kick us back into gear (have I said this before?). The summer proved to be impossible. I just gave up by the end and didn't do a single thing for months. :(

So anyway. The Shop. Nothing new in there but did make a couple of sales in the spring and summer which were very unexpected and super nice. Have a couple new ideas which I would like to work on and have a lot of printed fabric that needs to get sewn up into things. I also bought a sewing machine - my first - so now I have to get serious about learning to use it. So far I have made tiny drawstring bags which worked out okay. A bit nervous to start bigger projects in case I mess them up, but at least I still have a seamstress around the corner just in case something goes drastically wrong and I have to end up getting some help with putting things together!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

New Fashion Japan by Leonard Koren

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Got out this amazing book from 1984 by Leonard Koren a month or two back. I still have to finish it! But it is truly the best thing. So much inspiration!

An NYT article on Koren here, a radio interview here, and an excerpt from his latest book here.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Old Old Stuff I Did

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I did this layout many moons ago for a friend of mine who has a little independent fashion publication. It got the major axe (as in - it never ran) but I stumbled across it the other day and thought Why? I still think it is pretty good. Totally psychedelic and future-y right? Or maybe I am just crazy?? Anyway. Here you go. Just for kicks. Failed expression. Sorry photographer, I forget who you are...

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Odd Shop

(...sad shell card, swirly ball and ipod print zippered pouch available now in The Odd Shop...)

Alright. So I have been sitting on this shop for a few months now, I can't believe I actually got it up in the end! I am also weirdly really into it and keep thinking of funny things I can make or get to stick in there. The whole idea of a shop is kind of a strange and cool thing. At the moment there is mostly an odd assortment of things that I have made or repurposed, small scale items that I work on in my free time, and I am toying with the idea of maybe eventually adding more serious items like photo books, photo prints, and drawings. Can't tell if it makes sense to include those sorts of things or not. We shall see.

I searched around (and had a couple in mind) for some independent and art-oriented shops to reference while I was putting together my own and found some interesting ones from the past as well as some exciting new ones:

...Cleas Oldenburg's The Store (here, here and here)...
...Tracey Emin and Sarah Lucas's The Shop (here, here, and Emin's current online shop here)...
...Circle Workshop...
...N S E W...

So I don't know - check it out if you are curious! I have a couple ideas for gift wrapping which you will see if you get something...


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Worried About This Blog

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Can't seem to find the energy for long format blogging anymore - maybe it will come back again later? Many things have happened - in my own life (nothing major) and in the outside world (very major), but I just can't seem to find the words for everything. On a brighter note I have accomplished #1-#5 of that list a post or so ago of things I needed to get done. So at least that is something! Maybe I am slowly getting somewhere even though I feel like I am just treading water.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mira Nair's So Far from India and India Cabaret

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Watched these two great early documentaries by Mira Nair the other day - So Far from India and India Cabaret. Wish I could find them on youtube or somewhere online but no luck. Both totally have what I love - vintage footage, family dynamics, sensitivity to the role of women in society, and cinéma vérité. You should check them out if you get the chance.

Also got 2 library cards recently - one for Brooklyn and one for the New York Public Library system. So stoked!! I just took out a stack of dvds that include a bunch of Chantal Akerman and I also put this one on reserve. Libraries are right up there with thrift stores for me. A total easter egg hunt for hidden gems that don't cost you anything (or not that much). Now all I need is another snowstorm to hit so I can stay in all day and watch them...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


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Uh hello? Anybody out there? Ugh. Sorry to be so...not really here at all. Having a majorly tough time keeping up with anything not you-know-what related. Oh well - maybe it will get better later? Looked up time management the other day and it suggested I make lists, which I already do in a very OCD manner so no go there...

So speaking of lists here is one to keep 2011 on track:

1. make photo prints: exhibition size!
2. fabric printed with ipod drawings
3. shop? might make this finally happen this year...
4. reset flickrs and photo portfolio tumblr to zero - is that crazy? I can't tell. I just really feel like I need to make some sort of break and start fresh.
5. new header and links purge of this blog, very long overdue!
6. make posts on this blog more quick and dirty - is this possible? I always have a lot to show and tell...maybe I just need to loosen up.
7. bored yet?
8. this post is starting to feel a lot like my last post...

Okay - so anyway - I had better wrap this up before it gets even more of a snooze. Will try to get things done this year! Must keep moving forward!

Happy 2011 friends.