Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mira Nair's So Far from India and India Cabaret

(...image from here...)

Watched these two great early documentaries by Mira Nair the other day - So Far from India and India Cabaret. Wish I could find them on youtube or somewhere online but no luck. Both totally have what I love - vintage footage, family dynamics, sensitivity to the role of women in society, and cinéma vérité. You should check them out if you get the chance.

Also got 2 library cards recently - one for Brooklyn and one for the New York Public Library system. So stoked!! I just took out a stack of dvds that include a bunch of Chantal Akerman and I also put this one on reserve. Libraries are right up there with thrift stores for me. A total easter egg hunt for hidden gems that don't cost you anything (or not that much). Now all I need is another snowstorm to hit so I can stay in all day and watch them...


Anonymous said...

I haven't seen so far from India yet. But I've seen India Cabaret and since then I'm on an eagerly lookout for so far from India as well as jama street masjid journal and children of a desired sex.

Bree said...

Wow! I haven't even heard of those other two - will have to check them out for sure!!

If you live in Brooklyn, and you get a library card, So Far from India is on the bonus dvd of Monsoon Wedding...hope you can find it!


Anonymous said...

ah - no. I'm from germany. I got a moonson wedding dvd (no so far from india bonus on it)but on my salaam bombay (video pirate - truly indian style ;) dvd was india cabaret which I consider not too rare. Since I haven't found any dealer yet - could you upload it on some blog I mean if you still can get a hold of it ?

cheers man