Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Odd Shop: Sleepy But Still Alive

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Okay - so I am still here (kind of) and The Odd Shop is still here (most definitely). We are both just slow, lazy and sleepy. I am hoping that the cooler weather (if it ever comes) will kick us back into gear (have I said this before?). The summer proved to be impossible. I just gave up by the end and didn't do a single thing for months. :(

So anyway. The Shop. Nothing new in there but did make a couple of sales in the spring and summer which were very unexpected and super nice. Have a couple new ideas which I would like to work on and have a lot of printed fabric that needs to get sewn up into things. I also bought a sewing machine - my first - so now I have to get serious about learning to use it. So far I have made tiny drawstring bags which worked out okay. A bit nervous to start bigger projects in case I mess them up, but at least I still have a seamstress around the corner just in case something goes drastically wrong and I have to end up getting some help with putting things together!


samptos 2000 said...

<3 the odd shop!!!

Bree said...

Hey thanks Bud!! Nice to have some shop love! Still have so much to do...but it really is a sleepy shop...