Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Weak Moment

I try not to post much "hey go buy this" stuff but while working at the Art Book Fair, a girl approached the table with this amazing necklace. It was kind of thick and ropey, leathery and chainy with some hot orange embroidery on white. Wow! I asked her where she got it and she said she made them herself and gave me a little catalog. Her business is called Lizzie Fortunato Jewels. Makes my fingers itch for some make and do jewellery sessions...maybe I could get another Arts degree?? Textiles slash jewellery slash ceramics?? How else will I ever get the chance to try all these different mediums I find so inspiring?? Man.



kellyr said...

1.These are beautiful!
2.I didn't know you were working the art book fair! I must have missed you. Saaaadddddd for me! Shoot.

Bree said...

Hi Kelly! Super Bummer! I was working the Princeton table on Sunday 11-3. I stuck around until closing after but it was so crazy busy and I was pretty tired so I feel like I missed so much stuff!! I wish I could have gone Friday day or something...oh well. It would have been so nice to see you there!!


kellyr said...

Oyyyyeeee. I was even there Sunday 1-3!!!!! Next time. Stars crossed!