Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New Photos

Got some film from the summer finally developed! I have a few more over here. I took around six or seven rolls with what turned out to be expired 800 speed film, so some of them were pretty funky. But a few turned out okay and interesting so that is a relief.

I also decided to start using disposables again, I had taken a break using them over the summer because I guess I figured with the Canonet I didn't need them anymore. But I found that I really missed them, they are so light and easy, I can just pull one out of my bag and snap without having to fuss with the focusing and flash. Plus the Canonet is so heavy I could only really carry it around on the weekends - during the week it would kill my shoulder to tote it to work and back. I still love the Canonet though, don't get me wrong. It still might take my nicest photos, so I won't be shelving it anytime soon. I just think that the disposables will make sure I am not falling out of practice.



kellyr said...

These are so beautiful I am freakin' out inside!!!!!!!! How big do you print these? If you do print these. I hope you do!

Bree said...

Hey thanks Kelly!! Haven't printed them out yet. But perhaps will do so! As big as I can (which might actually not be that big but oh well). Thanks for your enthuses!!


kellyr said...

Print them big and hang them all over the world!

Bree said...

Wohoooo!!!! :)