Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Hi! Hope you had a nice long weekend if you got one...P and I had a really good time - probably the most fun we've had all summer! I am glad we saved it all up for the last weekend...On Saturday P got to do whatever he wanted which meant dragging me on foot into Manhattan twice (there and back), across the bridge straight into Chinatown where we had lunch and checked out this gallery. After that we went to see the movie 2 Days In Paris which is directed, written and edited by the lovely Julie Delpy - I am a big fan of hers - so that was fun. (Here is an interview with her about the movie...)

On Sunday I made us ride our bikes allll the way into Red Hook - straight past this pool (which I visited on Friday) - to the soccer fields for some of this. So good! And then we went swimming at the pool across the street to work off all the food we ate. It was a pretty action-packed weekend!

(...photo of Julie Delpy from here...)


anna said...

Thanks for the link to the interview. I love Julie!!! Didn't see the film yet, will try to see it sometime soon.

Bree said...

I bet you would really like it Anna! The cultural clash stuff is really funny - I am sure you would really appreciate it!!