Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A Bigger Splash

(...image from here...)

P and I rented this great movie yesterday about the artist David Hockney. The whole vibe to the movie was really straight out of one of his paintings - very flat and stylized with slants of sunlight and muted dialogue. It was so pretty! And Hockney's style is to die for - the bleached out shock of hair - the round black plastic glasses frames - the tweeds and the stripes! Seriously - his fashion sense is amazing. I have been trying to take screenshots for the last half hour but I can't seem to do it - so you will have to be satisfied with these clips on youtube - here, here and here.

I really wanted to show you the parts of the movie with Hockney's muse Celia Birtwell. She is so great! The movie showed her drawing her beautiful fashion illustrations and almost a whole catwalk show of hers - Wow! Actually now that I am thinking of it - the fashion show might have been of her husbands designs...either way - they are so great. Here is a portrait by Hockney done of Celia and Ossie Clark....

(...Celia Birtwell illustrations of Ossie Clark designs from here...)

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