Sunday, September 16, 2007

Cilla Ramnek Patterns and Some of My Own

I was looking through the new Ikea catalog today and I really liked these textile prints by Cilla Ramnek. She has also done these great floor mosaics (images below) AND this book Sticka & Virka (...which translates to Knitting & Crochet in English - the book goes by the name Knitprovisation over here...) which looks really cool. The blog Smarts & Crafts posted some photos of it and gave it a good review. I will have to try and find it in the bookshop!

These colours and shapes also remind me alot of these textile patterns I designed in the spring for my good friend Clayton over at Complex Geometries. We haven't figured out where and when to use them yet but I have several ideas! I will keep you posted on where they end up...!


genevieve said...

you know i love those diamonds!

Bree said...

Woohoo! Me too!

anna said...

we must have been telepathing or something because those two patterns of yours look very similar to a couple of sketches I did in the summer in Flash! We should totally collaborate one day because I could do something with those diamonds too! I love patterns. and Bree rocks :)

Bree said...

Wow! We totally should Anna! I would be really into that...maybe we could start a line of textiles or something - or I always wanted to do patterns for ceramics many ideas! Don't even get me started!!