Thursday, September 13, 2007

Harper's Bazaar Cover Illustrations by A.M. Cassandre

(...all images from here - and look around the site - there are so many other great finds!...)

I found these stunning 1930s cover illustrations for Harper's Bazzar magazine. They are all done by A.M. Cassandre who is most famous for these iconic posters (click on the underlined A.M. Cassandre on the first page, then again on the second page, then go down to the "gallery" link - the first in the list of underlined white links...).

I think they are just TO DIE FOR. So amazing.


anna said...

Hmm, these are delicious. I was trying to pick my favourite, which was hard, but I particularly like the last one with the hand and the flowers. Nice find!

Bree said...

Thanks Anna! I know - they are all so great - what about the eyes ones - so red!! And kind of creepy yet totally sophisticated and elegant...oh man. Such great inspiriation!