Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Watercolour Is One of My New Favorite Things

I bought this book of beautiful watercolour patterns the other day and I am really in love with it! Almost a year ago for Christmas my lovely younger brother bought me a set of paints, brushes and paper. Up until now I have mostly been fooling around but I would really like to get a bit more serious and see if I could come up with some that are as loose and beautiful as these. I think to get there you really have to forget how expensive the paper is and let go a bit!!

Oh ya - and P went to this amazing garage sale the other day and got me this set of paints (still wrapped - never used). He bought them for only 5 dollars but they looked really expensive so I googled the brand and found out that they are from this famous Parisian paint store Sennelier which sold paints to Picasso and Cezanne! Wow.

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