Monday, November 12, 2007

Old friends, New Inspirations and The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living...

(..a few more over here...)

Hello. I am so tired! I have just enough energy left to do a quick post and then I am off to lala land with some hot chocolate and a book - I am exhausted!

We had a really crazy and fun weekend hanging out with P's brother and some old friends. I thought it had only been a couple years since I saw them last but actually it has been 5 years!! I can't believe it.

My one old friend used to be a jeweller and is now an architect - so I made sure I showed her this book at the Strand and she bought it! (it has such a beautiful sculpture on the cover) - I also made sure that she checked out this exciting new building by the same architects which is supposed to open next month AND I insisted that she visit the Moss store just so I could talk to her about how inspiring the pieces are (even if she or I know we will NEVER own anything even close to the things they have in there - but we would both love to design some of it!)

P, his bro and I also made a special trip to the Met because we were dying to see this...pretty cool!

We miss his brother now that he is gone - hopefully he'll come again soon...

Oh yea - and I finally gave in and got this book - Wohoo!

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