Sunday, December 2, 2007

A Fun Day in Neuva York City

Oh Man. I really needed that...a super fun day spent roaming around Brooklyn and Manhattan reminded me of why we decied to come here in the first place. Lately I have had trouble remembering!

So P and I had a lazy lunch of pierogies and borscht
, took a little trip to his studio to check things out, went to see some galleries in Chelsea quickly before they closed, dropped by GIFTLAND VIII: THE REVENGE OF GIFTLAND at Printed Matter bookstore (the link seems to be a bit out of commission so here is their myspace page), and THEN went to see this great documentary (holy cow I just found the whole movie on youtube - yikes!!) - and lastly we ended up at the New Museum for the free for 30 hours event - not bad hey?? I can do about one marathon day like that a month so I should be set now for a couple of weeks!

Some of my favorite pieces in the exhibition was work by Matthew Monahan (go here and here and here), Elliot Hundley (here and here) and Manfred Pernice (here)...check them out if you are interested!

I am also still dying to see this...maybe this week...

Hope you have a good one. Talk soon!

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