Friday, January 18, 2008

Chris Ofili is the Man.

I saw this amazing show by Chris Ofili a few months ago, I think in October sometime, and I wish I posted about it while the show was still on but I got behind as usual. Anyway, I thought the show was so inspiring! I have been a fan of Ofili's for awhile now (scroll down on that link and you will see some of his watercolours), so it was really interesting to see this direction that his work has taken.

I really loved the colours, the loose gestures and the kind of romantic and ultra feminine subject matter. The paintings in particular had a real art nouveau, Kirchner kind of thing going on (like here, here and here). There were also several etchings in the show, which I was particularly thrilled about - I love seeing good contemporary printmaking! They were so subtle and beautiful with trailing lines and delicate flowers and leaves. I thought they were really breathtaking.

Anyway - here are the rest of the (500 million - again) photos I took of the show if you are up for it! Hope you all have a great weekend.


anna said...

I'd say there's also a Matisse vibe going on for me. In any case, this guy's work definitely caught my eye and I'm gonna check out more of his stuff! thanks B :)

Bree said...

Glad you liked it Anna! And yes, very much like Matisse too! All those colours and loose shapes...