Saturday, January 5, 2008

I Made A Book

(...a few more pages here...)

Here is a little book I made right before Christmas. I have wanted to make a book for such a long long time so I am glad to finally have one in my hands! This was just a little trial run, a very small 4.25" x 7" tiny pocket-sized book printed in black and white and perfect bound. In any case, it's my first, it is called "A Book", it shall hopefully soon be followed by a "B Book" and "C Book" and so on, and I am very proud of it. You can buy it here if you so wish - be warned that Lulu seems to be a bit random with its trimming, so sometimes the borders are a little uneven and the bleeds don't go straight to the edge...hello desktop publishing! I don't mind - but you might - so now you know.

I have actually been fine-tuning "B Book" this afternoon and I am really excited about that one too - I am thinking that in the next couple of weeks it should be ready to go - cross your fingers...!

Have a great weekend!


Jessica said...

I have been meaning to add an extra section to the site that includes handmade books and journal...Would you be interested in creating a small run of books that were for The Shiny Squirrel?

Bree said...

A book and journal section sounds like a great idea! Maybe once I am a bit more in the swing of things I can contribute - right now I am feeling a little swamped...I am so flattered that you asked!

Thank you by the way for all your sweet comments. They always make my day!