Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Wolfgang Tillmans

(...images from here and here ...)

I rented a movie the other day that was a documentary about photographers. One of the artists featured was Wolfgang Tillmans who I have really admired for a long time. I actually went to see his work in this gallery a few months back and kept meaning to mention it. Below are some installation shots and here are some photos that I took when I saw the show. Also here is an interview and here is another article with lots of his images...

There are some things I really like about Tillmans's work such as his wide scope of the subject - from abstract experiments with light and colour, to unconventional portraits and straight-up still lives. I also love the banal beauty of his work which seems really appropriate at this moment what with digital photography making it so easy to take a million candid snaps.

Another thing that is so great is how he hangs his shows - with contrasting images together on the same wall, or many grouped together, sometimes with hanging devices and framed and sometimes just taped to the wall. I think that these decisions and details really make the work extra powerful.

(...all images from here...)


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