Saturday, March 29, 2008

Hello Monday...Goodbye Monday...

I actually started this post about three times over the weekend but just couldn't gather my thoughts enough to get through with it... We had a pretty nice weekend for the most part, even though it is fading quickly from my mind. We managed to squeeze in some sitting in the sun on a park bench time, a donut and coffee break, a quick trip to the farmers market, a long chat at a new-to-us cafe and a picnic in the park - I guess most of the fun involved food. But hey? That's how it usually goes right?

The P-man and I also went to The Armory Show last Friday (here is Roberta Smith's review in the New York Times) - but I have to say it left me a bit cold. I had a lot of fun last year but maybe that was because it was my first time and it was just interesting to see all the fancy galleries and people and artwork but this year it just made me feel like...blech. Here are some more examples of work from this year - my camera ran out of batteries so I couldn't take any - maybe that was a sign in itself! I think there were some good pieces but it is so hard to wade through everything and it is all piled one on top of the other. I just don't think it is a great way to look at art at all. And I also think the art fairs take away the feeling that the work is meant to be an object that is culturally relevant and revealing and truly meant for museums and galleries and not just the living room. The whole thing felt very disrespectful of the artists and their realm of cultural production. Like a giant art garage sale. Anyway. Sorry. But it seriously depressed me a bit I think.

About some other things - I read this post on Wee Wonderfuls today and I felt like I could really sympathsize with the whole identity-crisis - too many ideas, not sure which direction to go in bit...I remember that Wee Wonderfuls was one of the first blogs I began reading regularly (and which really got me thinking about making my own blog) - maybe in 2003 or 4! - and it so interesting to see how everyone's practice evolves and how life just continues to tick by with them...I think for me that is the most inspiring bit. I hope we can all find our way out of these creative knots...Thinking of evolving practices I also love running across Julie Morstad's work on the internet - today I saw a really nice review of her book Milk Teeth, published by Drawn & Quarterly. It looks beautiful! Wow...

I am also really loving seeing progress on these peices by Camilla and Karin (and here too!). I think they are going to be so great! I would love the opportunity to team up with a real ceramicist to make my little mugs too...maybe sometime in the future. I would love to have smaller more hand-made mugs maybe made out of porcelain
...I feel like right now I am working a slightly more conceptual angle on the whole corporate-consumer-society-lowest-common-denominator end of things. An interesting(?) comment but hopefully I can make some the real (and more enviromentally-conscious) way some day. I have about two more designs done but I think I will hold off a little because I might end up using them somewhere else - I just can't decide...anyway...blah blah blah. Sorry to get on the soapbox so much tonight!

Okay - I am gonna wrap this before I blather on all night.


---I just reread this post - sorry it makes no sense and has three million ideas at once in it. sorry sorry...

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