Thursday, April 10, 2008

Decorative Papers & Fabrics: An Awesome Book

(..more photos of the book here...)

I took out this book a million years ago at the Brooklyn Public Library and I have been sitting on these photos for almost a year waiting to post about them. I really like these simple at-home techniques for making printed paper or fabrics.

They show in the book how to make patterns with a baking powder (I think) and vinegar (I think) solution, using potato prints (awesome!!), by dipping the corners of a folded piece of paper or fabric into dye, and wax resist techniques. The last photo was done with resist and bent jewellery wire. There were also several pages on how to make marbled paper, which is something I would really love to try - but I think that one is a little complicated. Anyway. Hopefully one day I will have the chance to try out a few of these tricks! I love the colour page examples they had. I think the results are really beautiful.

---PS. Here is a blog from Tokyo that posts spreads of art, design and architecture books (and there are links underneath with more info on the subjects)...via Print Fetish---


valerie said...

that book looks really amazing! i've been wanting to do some potato printing for a while now and those photos are so inspiring! thanks for sharing them bree-bee!

Bree said...

No problem Valerie - glad you like it as much as I do!! Now that I am thinking of it - maybe it was your Carousel panties that reminded me of that top photo!!