Friday, May 23, 2008

Oh Boy - New Obsession...

(...some more over here...)

I finally went out and bought two disposable 35mm cameras at the drugstore by my house - and now I am hooked! The inspiration came from these great photographs by ddario and the black swan archives as well as their collaborative project thursdaytothursday. I have been really loving them for the weird bad but good quality of the throw-away camera. And you can really see the difference using real film! I haven't used it in so long, but now that I can look at it with kind of a fresh eye I can see the difference. Something is just crisper and clearer. I also like the idea of seeing what you can do with such a simple and inexpensive tool. It is so much more satisfying - something like thrift shopping I guess. You can afford to be extra creative and take chances because you are not spending a lot.

Anyway - I shot both of these off in one afternoon which is pretty scary. Now I have an itchy trigger finger...I am going to have to reload pretty soon!

Hope your weekend is nice and lazy...

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L.Cerre said...

good idea.
I wanna try one too!

do you live in brooklyn?
what store did you go to?



2 or 3