Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Brief Pause...

Hello! Just a quick quick post to say that I am taking a little time-out this week. A mini vaction. I will be back next Tuesday and I will hop back to it shortly after that. I hope you all have a lovely week yourselves.

(I may be sneaking around on flickr a little bit and I will probably for sure being spending a bit of time over on my new tumblr account. I hope that wasn't a bad idea. I am already worried about the amount of time I have logged over there - but it is so easy! And fast! Really quick and dirty. Anyway - the link is permanently in my sidebar over there --> way up at the top. And the photos do link back to their source as long as it wasn't something I grabbed so long ago I couldn't remember - just click on the image...)


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SNAP! said...

Great blog!