Saturday, September 27, 2008

A One Off: The Two Heads Tote

I made a totebag with the Colorhead design, but I wasn't so happy with how it turned out so I added some fabric paint and sequins. It took forever but I think it was worth it. There are two "interactive" movies of it just for fun on my and here.

And hey - I am moving this weekend (yeech!) - and I am not sure yet what the internet situation is like in the new place so I might be away for a couple of days, maybe even a little longer. I really hope not, but if it is quiet around here you'll know why.

That's all I have to report at the moment. Have a really nice weekend.



anna said...

haha, those videos are hilarious. Is that P shaking those bags around? cool design, i think turned out well, especially love the hair.

anna said...

hey, just saw your tumblr link, looks like that might be perfect for my needs too. i'm going to to look into it. thanks friend!

Bree said...

Yep - that is P alright. I know - those videos are so goofy!

Do the tumblr thing! It is so fun and addictive though so watch out. Especially once you put the bookmarklet in your browser bar. Trouble. If you do it - gimmie the link and I will follow you!