Monday, December 8, 2008


So I set up this little installation piece this weekend. I wish I could figure out a better way to document it. I tried taking photos but of course they turned out all dark and murky from being indoors in low light, and then I tried taking a movie which looked even worse and is even more embarassing somehow - maybe it is the sound of me trying to be quiet? Or my shaky camera work? The only thing I really like (other then the real thing in real life) are these super lo-fi still shots from the movie.

So to help you out here is a verbal description:

finch's nest + gold chain + gold striped plastic bag + a space + red plastic bag pinned to the wall with a T-pin + a space + pretending that the floor is painted white + on the left two worn out black paint-spotted converse all stars surrounded by gold sparkles and gold painted rocks and yellow translucent rocks plus one sliver painted rock and two red translucent rocks + on the right a book stand holding a book open to a spread of illustrated black, yellow and red butterflies.

If I take a good photo I will let you know but until then you will have to use your imagination.





Patrick said...

Nice Installation!

I seriously thought you were when you said you had plans for my old shoes. I'm glad you put them to good use as I spent all summer getting the paint drips just right.

Seriously cool pictures!

Miss you.

The "P" man

Bree said...

Hey! I miss you too! I am glad you like my thing I made. I will phone you later tonight because I am going to that performance/book-signing thing right after work...

Okay I♥U.


Bree said...

There was supposed to be a heart where that line is!!

anna said...

i can see the heart on my screen :) awesome installation. do post the full image if you manage to capture it to your liking.

Bree said...

Thanks Anna! I will try to get a better shot before I take it down!!