Saturday, January 10, 2009


Montreal, Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Montreal. Bus, train, car and a lot of walking. Beef tourtiere, poutine, maple syrup and sugar pie, timbits, crossiant, foie gras de canard, lobster whole and sandwich style (crusts cut off), prime-rib steak, blossoming onion, pickles, smoked oysters, chocolate covered macadamia nuts, caesar, caesar, caesar, spiked coffee in the morning, gyros, homemade mac and cheese, smoked meat sandwiches, Portuguese chicken and chocolate milk, mitten knitting, three movies, eucalyptus sauna, beach walk, shop, shop, shop, socks, sweaters, cameras, guitar pedals, love, family and friends. The best.


Cabrizette said...

Hello ! I'm discovering your blog ! Great !

anna said...

wow bree, sounds liked a packed holiday! where are you now? Montreal?

Bree said...

Hi Cabrizete - thank you for saying hello!

And Happy New Year Anna! Now I am back in New York. We should have a phone date again soon!


serah-marie said...

your life looks beautiful. so inspiring.