Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lost at the Met

(...some other photos over here...)

I got lost at the Met the other day. It is kind of a nice thing to do every once in awhile. I was there to check out the Giorgio Morandi exhibition. So amazing to see the paintings in real time and space! They were very quiet and strong. It made me think about how timeless the "still-life" genre is. I kind of miss it in contemporary art. Maybe someone needs to take an interesting new stab at it.

I made some silly movies too while I was wandering around. Here, here and here if you are up for it.


serah-marie said...

sounds like a wonderful day, how I lovelovelove getting lost in the Met.Your photos are, as always, lovely and inspiring.

Bree said...

Thanks Serah-Marie! You always leave such nice and encouraging comments. You are the best ladyfriend.