Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Flower Delivery New York City

I thought that in lieu of building a whole new website, which I do want to do eventually, I would start to kind of sift through and showcase some selects and outtakes from my unwieldy flickr account. Just to kind of feel like I have something more coherant and strong.

The images and videos I have chosen for my new flickr account - Flower Delivery New York City - are not so much a best-of, or my favorites, but more things that may have got a bit lost in the shuffle, or ideas that momentarily have my interest. I think I am going to keep it as a free account - not a "pro" - and then that restricts me to only having 200 items at a time. Maybe once I have reached 200, I will delete everything and start new.

Anyway. A little experiment. I feel really good about having a fresh space.

Next up: To Do list. Yikes.



andrew said...


bs said...

Spring Cleaning!
good idea...

Hikaru at Wonder Wonder said...

I like your flower delivery photos!

Bree said...

Oh thank you!