Thursday, April 2, 2009

Elli et Jacno

This seems to be turning into more of a video blog these last few weeks but I guess I am just going to go with it.

My superbud coworker forwarded me one of these videos the other day and I nearly fell out of my chair with a combination of laughter, admiration and jealousy. Can I do this? Grab a man with a synth, throw on a leather mini, and come up with some fancy footwork? Perhaps. And pull it off as well as Elli et Janco? Non.



Patrick said...

I miss you!!!!!

Maybe we could do this - I could play like 10 violins and you could sing. I thought of one kind of big problem though - she seems to sing a lot of words and you could never remember that many words! That's why I think we should go for something like this:

Because the song kind of centers around one big word.


The "P" man

Bree said...

I miss you too! I bet if I really practiced I could learn multiple words...really!

Be my band partner!!