Monday, May 18, 2009

Interiors 1978 Woody Allen

Unlike most posts on this blog, and unlike most movies directed by Woody Allen - this is an unusually heavy and moody piece. Interiors is a perfect capsule of its moment in time, illustrated in exquisite detail by the production design of Mel Bourne. I saw this movie years ago, too long ago to really appreciate it, and had forgotten most of it. Watching it again this weekend I was so taken by its strength - the combination of wonderful performances by great actresses, the narrative of a twisted, yet universally familiar family dynamic, and the backdrop of the impeccably cool, silvery interiors in which all the emotionally wrought tensions take place.

"I feel a real need to express something, but I don’t know what it is I want to express…or how to express it…"

Every night is movie night around here lately.




arielle said...

thanks for posting this. i always like woody allen, and i've been really obsessed with pale colours lately.

Bree said...

Hi Arielle!

Ya - really reminds me of what hanna terese and co. have been up to...