Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Giorgio De Chirico Theatre Costumes

(...for close-ups go here...)

I took these photos awhile ago and have been waiting to post about them - they are costume designs by the artist Giorgio De Chirico (here are some of his paintings...) for the Ballet Russes in 1929. I took the photos from an article in this magazine. So stunning! I love the kind of papery, drawn-on feeling of them. And the really surreal architectural references with the brick patterned jodphurs and roman column as shirtwaist and cool!

It also reminds me of this scene from An American in Paris with Gene Kelly (swoon...), where he is dancing through a stage set made to look like they were charcoal drawings come to life - it is one of my favorite scenes in that movie. There are clips of that stage setting in this video...

(sorry for all the Wikipedia links again! Consider it as a way to brush up in your trivia knowledge!!)

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