Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Summer Colours

Hello! Wow. Another summer has almost past. I think I am in denial - although the weather here has turned so cool it might as well be September already. In any case - I am here - back on the job (of posting that is) so here's hoping I can get this whole operation rolling along as it should without any more 3 month vacations!

One big thing that went down this summer - actually twice this summer - was a move. We were in Harlem for a month and now we are back in Brooklyn again and finally unpacked for the first time in weeks! So that is a good feeling. Harlem is a bit of a blur but I do remember that P got a very cool bejewelled t-shirt right out front of the Apollo Theatre (that is the famous Harlem theatre where they laid out James Brown). It was really interesting having an excuse to check out things up at that end of town - something we might never had got around to doing if it weren't for being right there.

I also spent alot of the summer beefing up my flickr account. All our running around feeling a bit homeless left me with only really my camera to keep excercising my creative muscle. I even broke down and bought a polaroid camera - which I have been wanting to do for years but never really got around to it. So that has been really fun - although I have to learn to take it easy - I can go through a pack in 5 minutes flat! So I promise to show some of those next post...

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