Sunday, November 4, 2007

Yesterday I Was a Grouch But Today I am O.k. PLUS Some Mugs I Made...

( see them animate click on the photo and to see them larger click here...)

Hello. I am feeling much better today thank you very much. And so, I would like to introduce you to these strange, yet charming (?) mugs that I have made. I am REALLY into them. But there is a good chance that it could just be me...

In any case - here there are - and they are available for purchase by clicking on that mysterious "Shop" link I have in my sidebar, which I haven't really been able to clarify until now. I had been thinking about making these for awhile now, but then of course it took me awhile to get my act together and figure out how it would all work, and then design them, and then get them up on the website thing, and then buy them for myself to make sure they were okay and on and on and on. But now they are HERE and they look GOOD and I took PHOTOS of them and have had a DRINK or two from them and I am really impressed all round I have to say.

One of them is holding some markers and pens as we speak and the other will make a nice vase for a single cut flower and then I think I will keep the third for my tea. Not bad I think!

I have about 6 or 7 more lined up ready to be released so as soon as they have passed the pen, flower and liquid test I will add them to the shop - and I'll make sure to remind you too.

Hope you are having a nice Sunday!


okada said...

Highly Recommended. Five Stars.

I am a proud owner of one of these fine Canadian mugs, and yes, I will say that you should get these mugs while you can. They will make your coffee taste 86% better, while making those shitty mornings bearable, boring phone calls entertaining, after lunch coffees heavenly, high teas higher, after dinner mints thinner, lonely nights shorter, shitty mornings less shitty, boring phone calls less boring, etc.

Yours with milk and one spoonful of sugar with a slice of lemon,

Gen. Okada.

Bree said...

Wow Okada - God. Even I feel like buying some more! Well. It couldn't come from a better person - you know your grumpy mornings AND you know what makes a fine cup of tea!

Thanks for the sales boost!


Anonymous said...

Justin said...
how did you make it? is it off of that funny site thing? or did you actually make it!!!!

Bree said...

Thanks Man!! I will seriously send you one RIGHT NOW! I am really into them. I really really like that ring one too! I just gave one to Stacey (P's brother)...

Or maybe I will stuff your stocking with one!

Thanks for the props little dude.