Monday, May 5, 2008

Expired Polaroid Film Takes Pictures Like This...

(...I Finally Bought A Polaroid set on flickr...)

So much for posting on the weekend - it passed by in a total blur. I seemed to squeeze in lots of things though - mostly judging by all the photos I took - a million!! My memory card is totally full now... I will try to wade through all the digital memories and see if I can pull together something to show and tell about tomorrow. Today I will leave you with these kind of yellow-y but still nice polaroid prints I took with expired film - I bought a pack of ten for five bucks! Not bad...

I also have been enjoying reading through a few blogs which I haven't checked up on in a long time. I have that whole long list in my sidebar but it is funny how I just get in the habit of looking at the same two or three over and over again...and there is so much great stuff out there - it is really unbelieveable. Thier photos are so beautiful, the links are great and their kind of day-to-day creativity is really inspiring...

A Ervilha Cor de Rosa

Jeana Sohn
Lena Sjöberg

Have a good Monday...!


L.Cerre said...

The hat, the cones, the palms...Love these photos.


2 or 3

Bree said...

Thanks Lee! xo