Monday, July 28, 2008


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I have been really into the radical sixties/seventies architecture firm Superstudio lately after seeing a brief part from one of their movies at PS1 a few weeks back ( I think it was Ceremony (1973) - and I think this article references it)...I wish I could find the movie somewhere - I should see if I can dig it up somewhere or maybe I should just go back to the museum to see it.

Here and here are articles written about their 2003 retrospective at the Design Museum, London. I love how they made all those great collages (above), and those tables are great too - they must have looked really severe back then - a good ten years or so before their time.


jon said...

ooh yeah. now you're talking.
check out Ant Farm, Archigram, Team 10, the Smithsons, and Constant for more sixties fun. all totally brilliant if you ask me.
also, rem koolhaas's pre-OMA thesis project bares remarkable resemblance to Superstudio's megastructures.

Bree said...

Ya Jon! Nice to see/hear you on here! Thanks to G I'm sure...

Ant Farm and Archigram - yes! I have been all over that for sure - I should add Ant Farm to my sidebar too now that I am thinking of it...

Those other ones are new to me - I will definitely have to check them out. Thanks for the tip!

Paper architecture is the best. Hooray for all talk no action! (except brain action I guess and that is just as important - right??)


Alex said...

Hey Bree,

I saw your post and thought you might dig this show that just went up at MoMA:

If you come by, give me a call or email (I'll put you on the list)!!


Bree said...

Wow Alex - funny coincidence - I will definitely take you up on that!Thanks for keeping me in the know!


L.Cerre said...

love superstudio and metabolism. architecture with a program.
thinking of rem koolhaas.
great post.


Bree said...

Thanks Lee!

And hey - if you can you should check out that show at the MoMA - I saw it on Monday and it was really cool - a couple more Superstudio collages and some by Koolhaas and an awesome animation by Madelon Vriesendorp - his wife - she is the one who did the illustration to the original "Delirious New York"...