Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I Made this Little Embroidered Bag...

A mini-tote! It took me a long, long time. But I think it was worth it. Now I am crossing my fingers that I make more than just one! I think that the next ones will go faster because I kind of worked out some tougher design decisions this first time around. This one is to be given away as a gift, but maybe, if I do come up with some more, I could set up a shop somewhere or something...we shall see...

Here are the specs:

8.5" x 10" - a lunch bag / light cardigan and paperback book bag / wallet, keys and point and shoot camera bag - handsewn from top to bottom and on the handles, features original fabric painting and embroidery, made from hard-wearing soft canvas with straps long enough to wear over your shoulder. Built with love to be used with love.

And here is a little video.

I probably should have ironed it before I took these photos - I will make sure to do that before I give it away!


Patrick said...

Nice bag!

I love it!

I really love how it comes with a list of what is supposed to go in it.


Bree said...

Hi P!

Wow - thanks!

Maybe I will make one for you!

Would you use it?