Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mini Movies

I am trying to get better at taking these little movies with my point and shoot camera. It is really hard. There are so many more things to worry about - timing, things entering the frame unexpectedly, is so hard to balance everything so it works. But fun! The sound is the thing that always frustrates me the most. I wish I could mess around with it a bit - like add in music or just take it out but whenever I do things like that with imovie I have to compress it and then the quality is really bad. It makes it more of a challenge to get it right the first time I suppose...

There are five million more over here if you are up for it!


Liana said...

love the concert one breeperley

Bree said...

Hi Liana!

Hey thanks - I actually took that one on my birthday. Special.

I phoned you back the other day but you weren't home! I will try again okay??