Saturday, February 14, 2009


( see larger click here...)

To celebrate love day the P-man and I might grab a couple of these and then head over here.

He also made me a funny cool little mini-painting. I feel like a lucky gal. I love to be loved.

I hope you spend the day with someone you love - friend, family or lover.



kellyr said...

Yeaaaahhh! Love this pic. Love all your new camera photos posted to flickr. I have them RSSed. They all are very private eye. Like you are looking for something...someone...

Maybe you are just looking to eat donuts at Peter Pan. Yum!

Happy Day, K

Bree said...

Hey thanks Kelly! Nice to know somone is checking out all my new junk! Helps to keep me going and making...

I just saw the Eggleston show before it closed a couple of weeks ago - definately inspiring as you can see from all my photos! Maybe if I take enough my own thing will start to come to the surface...

You are awesome.