Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Wyne Veen and a Secret

Almost a year ago I started a secret blog called STACHE. I can't really remember why I felt like I needed another space - at the time it seemed important or like a little experiment, a secret spot to post things that didn't seem to quite fit on my regular blog and a chance for a little collaboration with P (who mostly supplied the blues and western music clips). But after awhile I felt strange splitting things up and it was to hard to decide what to put there and what to put here. I know I felt kind of liberated to be able to post things a bit more on the fly without so much contextualizing - so maybe my tumblr just filled that role more efficiently and that is why I didn't keep up with it.

In any case - the reason I am telling you this is because I had done a post on there about Wyne Veen, whose work I think is super. I came across her site again today and was so excited to see some new work on there that I thought I would post about it again. I especially like where she uses the dollar store
tchotchkes to bring back to life the still-life genre - which I mentioned here would be a great thing to see again in contemporary art.

Just a few links:

...One Question interview...

...Romance Everyday online book...
...5 Things...

Thanks to PUS-EYE for their post which reminded me!

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