Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Showpaper Submissions

(..click on images to see full size...)

I submitted these posters for an open call to artists that Showpaper was having back in October - but I guess it is safe to say after all this time that I didn't make the cut! Oh well.

I really kind of like these as a triptych. The first one is a design I originally created as an illustration
for an article on Sonia Delaunay for the Worn Journal - I was always looking for a good opportunity to be able to use it again because it got kind of hidden by the text in the article and I think it is super.

The last one was cobbled together with little icons and images I either found or created this summer and was using as little visual totems at the time.

Here are a few other Showpapers that I collected and photographed awhile ago.

Anyway - maybe I will just make posters out of these myself if I ever get a little extra money. We shall see.



kellyr said...

Haha! I just tumblred yr tumblr of yr postr via alaskan eyes. Nicely done! Layers and colors and spook type! I love yr stuffz.

Bree said...

Funniness! Things just go round and round and round on here! And secret - I am related to Alaskan Eyes so he is a bit biased....

Thanks for supports as always friend.

U R my internet superbud.


kellyr said...

What a great relation you have! Alaskan Eyes is top notch. U R inspiring me to start producing more and more mobiles. Project Rocker Mobile starts this weekend. Stay tuned.