Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Failing My To-Do List Miserably

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Alright. Well. It is pretty obvious that I have totally zeroed all extracurricular projects these last six months (or is that 8??) aside from this blog and photo taking which I feel really guilty and yet still unmotivated about. No new Newsletter (and the last one was titled as bimonthly! and that was in November! Cripes. embarassing.), no Volume Twos of book projects, no website redesign, no unpacking of boxes since October move-in. What is up with this?? I am living in suspended animation. Must get life together and forward moving again. Sheesh.

Anyway - at least I have 2 new pictures from my Canonet that I really like. That thing is hard to work with! I find that things that look really great with the little 35mm disposable, odd and random snappy types of things, just don't jive with the Canonet. It only does justice to more considered compositions it seems - which is not really my strong suit. Taking time to fuss that is. Maybe too it is that the quality of the disposable (lo-fi tech) adds something of itself to make the photos charming - like the way a polaroid does.

For example: standard sunlit table with vase of tulips shot straight on - regular digital = boring (unless you are doing something really good which is totally possible), 35mm disposable = gritty and dark feeling plus kind of cheapish and grungy (ie:interesting), polaroid = subversive and flattened out, looks as though it was shot 30 years ago (ie: also interesting but be careful not to be too cute, unless you want cute). And then the Canonet is kind of this real deal thing where the photos are so lush that if I quickly snap something that seems interesting on the road home from work it is just a wasted exposure. It actually just looks like something on the side of the road for real. Hard to explain.

So that is how I figure it works. But maybe that is just me! In any case this Canonet is whipping me into shape because I really have to work at it - and be ruthless with my editing. (well - still got to get better with that one!)

OK - Thanks for tuning in.




kellyr said...

I totally swoooon over yr photographs. I always thought 'considered compositions' are most definitely yr strong suit---you do this with ease. It's like a perfectly laid out page in one camera click! Hang Tough! K

Bree said...

Kelly! You are the bringer of sweetness and light. Thanks for your chin-ups. I guess I have been feeling a little overwhelmed lately with a bunch of things...

But yes! I shall hang tough! You always make me feel like it is worth it.

Thanks friend,


Hikaru said...

awg, This is exactly how I've been feeling, guilty about being not making/motivating/productive.. I feel like the spring time brings all the guilty over winter's laziness.. Anyway, your feeling also brought me motivation+realization, and I love your work and thoughts and love on what you care, and I can tell you are totally shining in them. So keep going and Thanks :-)

Bree said...

Hikaru - thank you so much for your kind words! It is so easy to get discouraged. Sometimes I get really bummed out about things. It feels like life is such a game of constant maintenance - I always think that one day I will just "get there" and then can slow down or stop altogether but I am realizing that it just doesn't work that way! Have to keep slogging through with things - maybe forever!

This blog really cheers me up though - and meeting other creative people like you (and KellyR!). You ladies are really so inspiring and motivating for me. I love being able to check in with all your projects and ideas. Maybe we will all help each other to keep moving forward!

Anyway - really thank you for taking the time out to write your note. I feel much better al ready.