Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Trying to Re-Energize

(..."Geology is an intensely visual science." - quote and image from here...)

Kind of low on the blogging juice this last week - maybe it's the season change? I'm not sure but my brain really has been elsewhere. I have pegged it down for just long enough to give you a few links to some blogs I have recently come across or been reminded of and have really enjoyed reading - archives and all. Maybe this is where all my blogging energy has been spent?

50 backflips
You Have Been Here Sometime
Unchanging Window
i heart photograph
Wonder Wonder
Ouno Design

Old friends, new friends, and ghosty figures haunting my internets...



Anonymous said...

great rock. The word fractal was one that I always used to forget. Same with articulate. Shit, I just had to look up synonyms for well-spoken to remember articulate.

Anyhow, thanks for the web-holler.


david john said...

hey, sometimes it good to renenergize! im kinda feeling that way a bit.

maybe ill take the summer off! :)

all the best!
david john

Bree said...

Hey John!

Man - articulate - that is a really good one. Hard to keep on tip of tongue but handy.

No probs about the hollers - your blog helped me get through the last couple of weeks. No kidding!

And David John! Wow! Only in my dreams...if you can seriously do that I am seriously jealous. Just keep up the posts while you are away!


david john said...

bree... i wish i could take the summer off. im working my fingers to the bone....

i meant the summer off of blogging....

Bree said...

Ahhh...real life. Well in that case - ignore what I said about keeping up the posts and take it easy!!


Hikaru at Wonder Wonder said...

That blue mineral is bbbeautiful! and thanks for linking to WW blog! (I feel like my blog is a bit empty but thanks..)

I remember my grandmother was trying to buy a stone at the street bender in Mexico, and my sister said, "grandma, why are you buying? Those are just a stones?!" but my grandma said "but It has all the long history of countless time! When I think that it's so great!" ... this opened my eyes and since then I admire stones, rocks & layers.. Indeed they are like time machines!

(I've feeling like I left my brain somewhere too! I seriously think it's seasonal thing?! Trying to at least read lots of books til my brain comes back..!)