Monday, July 6, 2009

Adaptation Charlie Kaufman

This might break my poor blog but I think it is worth it. Do you like Charlie Kaufman? I sure do. And Meryl Streep? Who doesn't?? Orchids? Come on.

Anyway - hope you enjoy this. Summer night movie. Pretend you are outside, cool breeze, cozy blanket.


(PS. to play them all in succession without stopping go here and click "play all videos")


jamie_sat said...

nice post. one of my all time favs. blog not broken.

Bree said...

Hey glad you liked it!

Lindsay said...

I totally love that you did this.

Bree said...

So happy to hear that Lindsay!

I can't believe how many good feature-length movies are on youtube. It is so crazy. Makes me love the internets even more.