Thursday, July 2, 2009

Night Visions

( to enlarge...)

Night Vision is an outdoor photo exhibition I am participating in!

I feel so lucky to be involved.

July 10, Strathcona Park, Vancouver Canada, dusk.

I really wish I could be there, but at least maybe some of you can!


Night Vision



david john said...

go bree! you are getting out all over the place!

Bree said...

Ya weird! So many things at once! Exciting times over here. Hope it keeps up!

Thanks for dropping by!!


nokomis said...

hey, is this a one day only event? i'll be in vancouver for three days in two weeks....

xo, eliz.

Bree said...

Hi hi!

I think it is only for the one night. Too bad! But thanks for doublechecking. I wish I could come and see you in Van...have fun for me!


Lindsay said...

Hey, cool, that's a couple of blocks from here (it's my dog park), so I'll try to go over and document!

Bree said...

Oh Wow - super!!


anna said...

hi friend! haven't caught up with you in a while. I'm glad to learn about the things you've been up to! let's call soon. Will you be coming to TO at all?

Bree said...

Anna hi!

Yes - it feels like a long time since we have talked - let's for sure have a phone date soon. Pat and I are coming up to T.O. for a week in August - maybe we can work it out to have a coffee at some point!


jennilee said...

hi bree!

thanks so much for being a part of the event! your photos looked so great projected on the big screen and we had an unexpected attendance of about 300 people. wow! there was an incident with the sprinklers going off in the park, but i guess things like that are all part of having a renegade event. the show prevailed and everyones work was shown and totally appreciated. the crowd was stoked. my favorite part was when people applauded when their friends names came up before their show. so glad that you were a part of it. :)


Bree said...

Hi Jennilee!

So glad it all went off so well! And that is a seriously crazy amount of people - Wow! Way to go! Really wish I could have been there - so super happy to be involved.



Lindsay said...

It was super great, despite (and even because of) the mad sprinkler array. I hope you/they do it again!

Bree said...

I hope so too!!