Tuesday, July 21, 2009

There Exists There Does Not Exist

I have been messing around with a side portfolio of photographs, video and a few collages called THERE EXISTS THERE DOES NOT EXIST. It kind of works in tandem to my newest flickr account - some images come from there, and some from my original flickr account - but unlike Flower Delivery New York City there are no images culled from the internets.

Anyway, I have just been sitting on that one for a couple of months now so I thought I had better make it official. Hopefully this will satisfy my new account urges for awhile! And I promise at some point to link everything up in some way that makes sense. An overhaul of all my online junk is long overdue.

Both the new tumblr and new flickr have permanent links over there to the right in my side bar (up at the top in all caps).

Alright - over and out.

(posts more interesting than this one to come soon)


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