Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Murano Glass

(...all images from here and here...)

What is the deal with Murano glass I wonder? I found a pretty good sized bowl the other day waiting to die on a mound of garbage bags around the corner from our apartment. I hauled it home and washed it off - so it looks really shiny and pretty - but like all its brothers and sisters across the world I am guessing, it now sits on a shelf perhaps never to be used or noticed again. Murano glass in particular seems to simultaneously exist as an exclusive objet d'art and everyman's favorite tchotchke. I couldn't find much that I liked on the internets, but I know that I have seen some vintage pieces at garage sales and other such places that have struck me as extremely beautiful.

Anyway. Speaking of jaw droppingly beautiful (at least to me) check this out. Wow! More here.



arielle said...

i bought some pretty cute murano glass daschunds when i was in venice recently. my family went on a tour of the factory but i opted to spend the afternoon at the biennale instead (they went with me for a few hours but they were bored...idk). i also ran into hugh scott-douglas in the main pavilion cafeteria buying water. neat day.

arielle said...

btw, i keep seeing your brother around school. best brother/sister combo ever

Bree said...

Hi Arielle! Wow! Cool to go to the Biennale. I hope I can check it out one day. Venice sounds like a fun family vacation.

Funny that you see my tiny brother! Well not so tiny but you know...we actually look a lot alike minus our opposite hair-don'ts. I love that guy. Maybe you guys will make buds!