Thursday, August 23, 2007

Art Nouveau Illustration

I found this amazing alphabet by Erte when I was searching around on the internet looking for art nouveau illustrators, having been inspired by the Paul Poiret show at the Met and the drawings on display there by
Georges Lepape. Here are some images of the clothing designs and illustrations from the exhibition and below are some of the beautiful Vogue covers illustrated by Georges...

Oh! And wait! Here is a video tour of the exhibit at the Met....if you are interested...!


anna said...

Erte is one of my favourite fashion illustrators. I first learned about him in grade 10 science class. We had a competition to make a 3D model of a frog organ and I got the first prize, which turned out to be a set of Erte posters that my teacher probably dug out of his basement; I'm glad he did.

Bree said...

Anna that is such a great story! I love that! So funny...! I love the combination of the 3D frog organ and the beautiful Erte illustrations from your teacher's basement!!! Killer!