Thursday, September 27, 2007

Lino Printing Is So Cool

Remember how I was talking about that fun project I was doing the other weekend? Well, I have been wanting to make lino prints for the longest time! After staring longingly at the little rubber blocks, the tiny roller, and the cutting tool forever in the art store off and on for years waiting for an excuse to buy them, I finally broke down and spent the lousy $20 bucks it took to have them in my very own hands - and it was totally worth it! So easy and so fun and it totally took care of my printmaking jones I have had since graduating out of my first degree as a printmaking major. I really love the woodcut look of the textured background. I am totally inspired! I have the next design all planned out already. I think I might try doing some handsewing on top these cards still, maybe some designs on the hands or something - kind of Mehndi style maybe...I can't wait to see how it looks!

Oh ya - and thanks so much to Love Forever for adding me to her links list! How exciting! Thank you.


anna said...

I can barely keep up with you bree, you're really on top of this blogging thing!
anyway, i always liked that hand and it came out beautifully with this technique. i can tell you had a lot of fun; do more.

Bree said...

Thanks Anna! I really like it too - I remember people thought it looked too dead or something - but I think it looks really wood-y and alive!! I can't wait to try the stitching on top - it might look a bit like that one book I made a thousand years ago in that book-making class we took together!!