Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tuesdays Are Just O.K.

So these were two killed cover tries for Worn Journal Issue #3 that I did almost exactly a year ago - probably to the day! I did them *for real* sitting on the edge of our "bed" in a windowless room no bigger than a small bathroom with our desktop computer on an upside down box about 2 inches away from my knees - we lived that way for our first month here in New York. I think they turned out pretty good considering! I was inspired in the first one by the scratchy graffiti that is always on the subway windows here - and it weirdly kind of goes with the barn-y look to the cover photograph (I am sorry I don't know who took this great photograph!! I will try to find out and get back to you...).

For the second one I was trying to doctor up some kind of hand-made-but-with-the-computer looking type - which I think looks kind of interesting here - except maybe the "O" needs a little help (too tall!!), and I am still not totally sure about the mix of classy old-school (the words "Fashion Journal") and the wacky disco-metal feeling the bigger type has. It works in the top design - but maybe not so much in the bottom one. But hey?? Fun to experiment right??


: ::::vanda:::: said...

BREE! glad to discover that your blog is now "subscribe-able"!! so i just subscribed! and i am real happy and amazed to see how well you are maintaining the blogging thing!..... congrats! it looks great!

Bree said...

Thanks Vanda! I seriously just figured out the subscribe thing the other day - it took me forever to get it! I am so glad you subscribed!! Very sweet of you...

I am trying to do a post every day (or second day...) it's so nice to know someone is reading!!

Your awesome little Vanda dude - thanks for the props...!