Monday, September 24, 2007

World of Interiors Sometimes Makes My Knees Go Weak

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Can you believe the styling in these photos?? So great!! They are from this issue of the World of Interiors magazine. I did go through a phase many many moons ago where I was buying this magazine monthly - but it seems as I have gotten older - my pockets have gotten smaller - so I am much more reluctant to shell out the $10 every time. HOWEVER - there are certain situations - bad day at work, fight with P, general malaise and bummed-outedness - where I allow myself to splurge. And this issue was totally worth it! I already posted about it before...

I left out my favorite spread because the picture was kind of blurry - but check it out - an amazing chair by the amazing Campana brothers (aptly named the Sushi Diamond) (here is their portfolio site - it is flashy and a little slow to load), the modular buy-a-set-and-connect-them-all-together to build a WALL or some sort of TEXTILE-Y thing awesomeness that is Algues by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec (here is an interview with them at designboom) for Vitra, and there are even some Swarovski crystals thrown in there for good measure. Not to mention ANGEL HEADS WITH WINGS, a creepy EYE in a PYRAMID, and trompe l'oeil painted cardboard. Phew! I am impressed to say the least. How did they manage to cram in all my favorite things into one picture?? I will never know...

Oh yea - and here is the lead-in to the photo spreads:

"The Monticelli family of Ravenna has been an important dynasty in the world of puppetry for five generations, so its historic collection of glove characters, marionettes and painted scenery creates a suitably dramatic setting for the stars from the Milan Furniture Fair. Casting director Jessica Hayns selects the performers that look like they're going places. Production assistant: Maria Yiannikkou. Photography: Bill Batten"

Now - what is there not to love??

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