Saturday, February 23, 2008

B Book

(...more photos of B Book over here...)

So after numerous revisions - way more than I was expecting of course - B Book is finally out in the world. So that is nice. I have had the idea for awhile now to put together a book with a selection of my three gazillion photographs so I am glad it is finally done and done.

It is meant to be a companion to "A Book" even though it is different in size and content. I am hoping to crank out a "C Book" to wrap the series - so much for my ambition of getting through the whole alphabet! But I think an A, B and C book would be nice. I might make the next book different again in format and maybe have it contain just some little drawings. That would be cool I think. So "A" would be small, pocket-sized, a little collection of flotsam, and the "B" as a photo selection and the "C" drawing and some photoshop tomfoolery. Sound good to me! Maybe I can bundle them all together and give them away as a package. Anyway - ideas, ideas...Oh - and you can get it here (but don't worry - I won't be sad if you don't!)...

I am also still plugging away at revamping my portfolio site. I think it is almost there thank god. And I have a couple more mugs that I think I will show-off pretty soon - I just have to do a few little changes and then get some good photographs.

Thinking about websites - Lena Corwin linked to a really nice and simple site with lots of fun books on it the other day - Marcus Oakley's site. Sorry no original links - next time I promise!!


anna said...

The B is out! Congrats bree :)
And looking forward to the portfolio site update!

Bree said...

Thanks Anna! I am really excited to update the site too. I hope it is gonna work out okay - I can't believe it has already been two years since I put up the original one! Sheesh. It is hard to keep up and keep things feeling fresh...